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I love southern Italy, and every time I travel there I’m astounded at how, well, EMPTY it is.

Where are all the tourists?

Travellers appear by and large to visit Venice, Florence and Rome and then they’re done. They’re all lovely cities, but there’s a whole half of the country that people are missing out on, and it’s gorgeous!

  • The people are friendlier
  • The food is outstanding
  • The scenery is awe-inspiring
  • The weather is great
  • It’s dripping with history
  • It’s empty (so very few places are crowded, and you rarely have to wait in line for anything)
  • And it’s CHEAPER! Way cheaper in some cases

… did I mention the food?!

And no it’s not dangerous! So far (touch wood) I’ve never been robbed, hassled (apart from nonnas begging outside churches) or felt like I was going to be.

Here’s a few snaps of my favourite places in the south, and I’ll be writing posts on many of these in the future.

marina corricella procida island italy

The island of Procida, off the coast of Naples

Traditional horse & cart in Palermo, Sicily

Traditional horse & cart in Palermo, Sicily

Abandoned tower Cefalu, Sicily

Abandoned tower just outside Cefalu, Sicily

Greek temple in Paestum

Greek temple in Paestum

Cathedral, Palermo, Sicily

Cathedral, Palermo, Sicily


market in Catania, Sicily

Fish market in Catania, Sicily

Spanish baroque architecture in Noto, Sicily

Stunning Spanish baroque architecture in Noto, Sicily

Modica, baroque town in Sicily

Modica, another of the baroque towns in Sicily

donkey alicudi aeolian islands sicily italy

Donkeys are the only from of transport (apart from your own feet) in some of the smaller Aeolian Isalnds off the coast of Sicily

Marzamemi Sicily

Piazza in the picture perfect village of Marzamemi in southern Sicily (that’s really far south!)

Restaurant in Marzamemi, Sicily

We had a wonderful lunch here one day, in Marzamemi, Sicily

Have you been to southern Italy? What are your favourite places?


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