Who is the travelling Pantaloni


I am Robyn and I live in Sydney, Australia. My family has lived in Australia since the First Fleet arrived in 1778, and there’s not a drop of Italian blood in me (unless there are family secrets I know nothing of).

Yet the lure of Italy (particularly southern Italy) is strong. It’s somewhere I just feel drawn to, a place I feel immediately at home, and a place that just makes sense to me.

This has manifested in some strange ways. I married an Australian-born Italian man (Mr Travelling Pantaloni), whose family is from Sicily, I drive an Alfa Romeo, and over the years I’ve attempted to learn to speak Italian three times (this time seems to be working). It seems as though all along I’ve surrounded myself with little pieces of Italy!

Needless to say I travel to Italy as much as I can.

I started this blog to inspire you to travel there too, and have included stories from my travels, destination guides if you’d like to do a similar trip, and general travelling tips gathered from my years of planning and travelling (sometimes I enjoy the planning almost as much as the travelling!)

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Buon viaggio!

 Passport stamp for Travelling Pantaloni