Getting lost and finding a secret beach on the Basilicata coast

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  • December 9, 2015
Spiaggia U'Nastru Cersuta , Maratea

Sometimes getting lost is a good thing.

While attempting to find our B&B in Maratea (see here for details on this gem) we found ourselves at the end of a dead end street, with only a couple of horses for company. While attempting to extricate ourselves from this pickle I noticed a sign pointing to a beach …

Spiaggia U'Nastru Cersuta , Maratea

Which surprised me, as the coastline here is cliff-like and rocky.

Basilicata coast, Maratea

The next day we went back to investigate.

There’s a hand-painted sign that can be seen if you’re heading towards Calabria on the SS18, but it doesn’t give much away. It could be a sign for anything really.

Sign to U'Nastru beach, Cersuta , Maratea

It’s a steep walk down, and looking over the edge you get your first taste of the sea below.

Basilicata coastline, Maratea

By now we’re back at that sign we first saw yesterday and follow the arrow down some stairs until we get to a makeshift concrete path that meanders between boulders and across rock pools.

Path to U'Nastru beach, Cersuta , Maratea

The tide is high today so we sometimes have to time our jumps across rocks between crashing waves.

The further we get, the more dodgy it looks … but we keep going …

Path to U'Nastru beach, Cersuta , Maratea

Along the way we pass a fig tree growing between the rocks

Finding free figs along the path to Path to U'Nastru beach, Cersuta , Maratea

So we stop and forage for figs, which are delicious, probably all the more so because we stole them!

fresh figs

After about 10 minutes of walking, we sadly come to the end of the road …

Path to U'Nastru beach, Cersuta , Maratea

That day the sea was rough and the tide was high, so unfortunately we couldn’t make it that last little bit. If you look carefully you can see the beginning of the black sand beach, which is mostly covered by water.

U'Nastru beach, Cersuta , Maratea

So reluctantly we turn back and retrace our steps…

Path to U'Nastru beach, Cersuta , Maratea

Once back at the road we follow the path the other way for a bit, admiring the lovely views.

Basilicata coastline, Cersuta, Maratea

And wave goodbye to the secret beach, which we’ll save for another visit.

If you’d like to find this secret beach for yourself, head along the SS18 from Cersuta heading south towards Maratea, and when you see the hand-painted sign turn right, follow the road to the end, and you’re on your way!

Until next time, safe travels,

The Travelling Pantaloni

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