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Poggioreale vecchia, Sicily

Sicilian ghost towns: Poggioreale and Gibellina

| Italy, Southern Italy, Travel Experiences | 2 Comments

Hands up who wants to see a secret part of Sicily? How about an abandoned secret part of Sicily? Excellent – follow me. You might already know that Sicily is a…

dingo painting

24 hours in Alice Springs

| Australia, Destination Guide, Travel Experiences | No Comments

Our recent trip to Alice Springs was created around visiting the Kangaroo Sanctuary to meet Brolga and his rescue kangaroos, but we had an afternoon beforehand and the next morning…

Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, Brolga and Queen Abi

Starstruck! Meeting Kangaroo Dundee and his Kangaroos

| Australia, Travel Experiences | 4 Comments

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that my travels are often inspired by things I see in movies or on TV. And that’s exactly what…

A week on Salina

| Destination Guide, Italy, Southern Italy | 4 Comments

This is a story about Salina, one of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily. But it’s also a story about slowing down and learning to enjoy ‘being’ in…

mosaics at villa romana del casale sicily

Mosaics, bikini girls and Villa Romana del Casale

| Italy, Southern Italy, Travel Experiences | No Comments

I really love mosaics, and I’ve always been drawn to them. I’ve seen beautiful examples all around the world, and my fascination even extended to taking a mosaic making class…

where to stay in Puglia

Puglia: Where should you stay?

| Destination Guide, Italy, Southern Italy, Stay, Travel Tips | 18 Comments

Puglia (the bit of Italy that looks like the heel of the boot) is big. And when I was researching our trip there I had a lot of trouble trying…